Mineral in India
Manufacturer & Exporter of Non Metallic Minerals

Processing Facilities

Sun Minerals is the proud owner of the most sophisticated and latest machineries available for grinding. It has a production capacity of 30000 M.T. via Continuous flow ball mills and disintegrators. Such huge production has not hampered its ability to produce accurate desired mesh size. The Machines are lined with silex media to ensure least possible iron contamination in the ground product.

Powered with high capacity permanent type rare earth magnetic separation system and an efficient classification system we strive to ensure that our products meet the highest international standards of impurity free grinding of white minerals. At all stages of process constant vigilence is maintained to guarantee a consistently superior product. Managed by our skilled workforce and qualified operators, our plants churn out the best in terms of quality and customer satisfaction. As all naturally occurring mineral are subject to a degree of variance, all ores arriving at our grinding units are carefully analyzed for chemical and physical parameters before final processing. Final product which leaves our processing facilities are exactly as per the customer's ordered specifications.